First exhibition of paintings by the artist Giacomo Spinelli

Aggiornato il: 20 mag 2019

At the origin of Giacomo's work there is the will to tell through an expressive language, between the abstract and the figurative, the geography of elusive images and enigmatic writings composed of numbers, ideograms and lines. The information contained on the outer surface of the cardboard boxes is at the center of this project. The poetry of simple images is accompanied by the uniqueness of a language made up of words and numbers useful for designating in space the path for transport from a hypothetical place of production to one of distribution.

The artist's work breaks this entropic descent of information, through a work of transposition, deconstruction and re-elaboration of symbols and images: new signifiers and new meanings emerge in that metaphysical space which is the canvas. Through a long process of working the cardboard itself, the artist managed to impress the images without having to reproduce them, but physically transferring the original ink from the paper support to the canvas one. A transposition and not a reproduction: using original colors and formats, the identities stratified over time have continued to transmit information.

In its entirety the work thus becomes a map made of broken figures, ideograms and lines that overlap without solution of continuity. The images know how to talk about the places and the men who live them, sometimes they are silent, but they listen to our questions without giving us the urge to find an answer, leaving free the will to question.

Giacomo Spinelli was born in Rome in 1992. For many years he has collaborated in the creation of the Asian Film Festival in Rome, which he supported with academic and sociological studies between Italy, England, and Holland. Raised on an artistic level through cinematographic experiences of various kinds, he travels numerous times in Asian countries. In 2018 he won a language scholarship in Taiwan, which he left after a few months to devote himself entirely to artistic production. The most recent works have been made by the artist at the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei.

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